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Malneirophrenia is an experimental instrumental trio (piano, cello and electric bass) from Reykjavik, Iceland.
Their distinct sound is a mixture of metal, classical music and the aesthetics of early silent cinema. It's chamber punk.
Their debut album "M" was recorded live in a living room by Bjarni Þórisson & Markús Bjarnason in 2008, and mixed & mastered by Curver for a 2011 release.
They have put some of their music to vintage film clips like Nosferatu, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Alice in Wonderland and many more, some of which can be seen on this page, along with their "1x5" collaboration.


Alice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland
Dr Jekyll & Mr HydeDr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
The Lost WorldThe Lost World
1x5 Volume 41x5 Volume 4
The UnknownThe Unknown
Les VampiresLes Vampires
1x5 Volume 21x5 Volume 2