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Experimental electronic/acoustic duo, OosiK, was born in a Venice Beach loft and found home in a Seattle basement studio. Through its infancy, OosiK, the child of multi-instrumentalist Evan Schiller and drummer R Branden Harper, was both adored and abused, built then destroyed- all for a collective pursuit of musical expression that is both temporary and permanent. OosiK, now in its adolescent phase, is an awkward yet refined sound. Musical pieces are all performed live and highly improvised- Schiller stands behind various electronic gadgets gyrating like a crack fiend, while Harper maintains a Cro-Magnon stare into space whilst stirring a brush on a snare and hammering a fine Turkish cymbal to near-death.

Forever a work-in-progress, OosiK is more an experience than a tightly polished pop-turd. A channeling of Sun Ra and Aphex Twin with a side of Los Van Van and Four Tet, OosiK is your friend in these perverse geo-political times.

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