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Aviary Jackson

Recorded by Neil Ostrovsky, Aaron Nevezie & Michael Leonhart
Arrangements by Daniel Carlson and Michael Leonhart
Performed by Daniel Carlson, Michael Leonhart, Neil Ostrovsky, David Myhr, Glenn Patscha, Marc Dalio, Katie Scheele, Christine Kim, Jamie Leonhart and Bronwen Exter

Recorded at B-side audio, Candyland, The Bunker and at home in NYC and Amsterdam
Mastered by Jon Astley

All songs written by Daniel Carlson, except 'Downtown Again' by Daniel and Michael Leonhart

Daniel Carlson

Songwriter, singer, and guitarist Daniel Carlson grew up in Chicago and, following a three year Southern California detour, found himself in New York City in the early 90's. Carlson's latest effort, Aviary Jackson, is his first full length release. Produced by Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan, Yoko Ono), It features appearances by Glenn Patscha (Ollabelle), David Myhr (the Merrymakers), and more. Recorded in New York City, Chicago, and Amsterdam, the songs represent the culmination of two years of close collaboration by Carlson and Leonhart. By turns epic, intimate, joyful, and heartbreaking, it's a record that takes the listener on a cinematic musical journey.


Aviary JacksonAviary Jackson