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Macabre Cadabra

Macabre Cadabra

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Chewy Puma

Kaveh Rastegar: Bs/Vc - Scott Seiver: Dr/Vc - Joshua Lopez: Gt/Vc

Chewy Puma technology is based on XTL-742 Histrionics to every conceivable extent, resulting in a superior product as far as the experts are concerned. Based on years of painstaking research, the Chewy Puma interface, while fully integrated with the human condition, displays unparalelled maneuverability in a historic sense. When combined with memory, a light source, and speakers to form an XTL system capable of projecting large, bright, seamless, high-contrast audio images with unmatched decibelic fidelity and consistency, the enterprise achieves nothing less than superhuman stature.


Macabre CadabraMacabre Cadabra